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Our Story

TB Coffee House was created  by a group of friends who became family by spending most of their time together over a cup of coffee and a home full of joy. With our shared enjoyment of coffee and an entrepreneurial drive to own a business; the idea for TB Coffee House came to be.

Why Coffee

It was the thing that brought us together, it is the perk we need to start our day, and the perfect compliment to any delectable pastry.

Columbian Coffee

We have sourced the best coffee we could find; exclusively imported from Colombia. Colombia is the only country in the world where coffee is a year-round crop. We believe in offering our customers the finest coffee and pastries, coupled with impeccable service and quality from our talented staff.

Feels like Home

We believe coffee is a facilitator for relationships and evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere that makes our customers warm and cozy, like at home.